Gas Storage Hot Water System Servicing Torquay

Gas storage hot water systems have a strong reputation for being the most cost-effective and sustainable alternative when it comes to energy and water consumption. They have been successfully relied upon by clients for generations and consistently fulfilled domestic and commercial hot water needs since their conception. The David Parker Plumbing team understands the great value that comes from these systems, which is why we provide the essential servicing and repairs in Torquay and Colac for these systems which ensure they last long into the future.

Powered by a gas burner which is typically located underneath the storage tank, gas storage hot water systems have a pilot flame that perpetually burns but only sparks when required. Once ignited, the heat created from the gas burner is moved to heat the water inside the storage cylinder. These systems come with a thermostat that is adjustable based on the level of heat required in your Torquay building, making them highly flexible and a suitable choice for domestic environments.

When you contact us for a service, our professional and fully-trained team arrives promptly with the goal of getting the job done to the highest standard of quality. We will first discuss with you any areas of concern, before jumping into an inspection of the system and process of fault diagnosis and repair. We don’t leave any stone unturned and instead ensure that you and your hot water system are left in the best possible position moving forward.

To learn more about our services, which include the servicing and repair of gas storage hot water systems in Torquay and Colac, please contact us on (03) 5231 1856.

We will gladly provide you with any further information and offer you a quote if you are interested. We also service solar hot water systems and continuous flow gas hot water systems for your convenience.

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